Art Analysis

Look around your house for a work of art to analyze. It can be pretty much anything that is decorative. Take a picture and insert it at the top of your paper.

Now for the fun part! We are now going to analyze your work, keeping to the original museum assignment as much as possible.

Step 1: Introduce your work and describe what it is, including the medium. Then decide what type of art it is. (You can email me your choice if you are unsure.) Remember that posters or reproductions of a painting, etc., must be identified as the work of art – i.e., the medium for a poster is printer ink and paper. Part of your analysis is to determine how well the printing portrays the actual work of art’s medium (oil paint, marble, etc.)

Step 2: Define the style of your work of art and explain the criteria for that art according to our text, lectures, research, etc. Explain the history and general audience of the style.

Step 3: Analyze your work of art by comparing it to the definition of the style. Does your work of art correlate with the criteria well or is it a poor example of that type of art?

Sample Solution