Art Deco

Assignment: A 3 page, double spaced, essay with footnotes that includes an analysis of the fundamentals of the design movement you’ve chosen and a description of how your object adapts the fundamentals of that movement. You should compare your object to others from that movement and describe how your object is similar and different. In your essay you should cite the readings that accompanied the movement as evidence for your argument, as well as other scholarly sources if you wish.

So, the movement and the object I choose are ART DECO and the TEAPOT. This is an analysis of how this teapot relates to Art deco.
(The style is simple and clean, with a “streamlined’ look?
It represents high level of craftsmanship?
The material(walnut, bronze) of the teapot is varied and expensive?
Saving space is an update of the art deco style for contemporary use?)

The reading and others designs from that movement you will use are attached.





























































Sample Solution