Art History

We can’t “go back there” to see what the Renaissance was like, for those who lived in and through it. But historians and others have assembled a convincing sense of what common (and not so common) people experienced in this period.

The historian Michael Wood has put together what has become one of my favorite videos. Subtitled “The Secret Life of a Tudor Woman,” the program follows the life of Mary Arden, a smart and determined woman who lived at a time of great political, cultural and economic transformation while holding her family together. And did I mention she was the mother of William Shakespeare? Content rich, beautifully shot; running time, just under an hour.
Watch the Michael Wood documentary.

Respond to this program: What did you think? Was this a valuable piece of learning? What impressed you about Mary’s story? Do you find any parallel between Mary’s struggles and your own – particularly given our current situation? The length of the submission is a single page, double-spaced document of approximately

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