Art History

COMPARE Classical era, Statuette of Alexander the Great (2nd Century B.C.) AND Jacques Louis David, Napoleon Crossing the Alps (1801-05)
Your goal:

Connect the two images.

Are they both about war? Rulers? The aftermath of war? The mocking of a country? Remember, one can be positive, the other negative. Or, both can be positive or negative.

Explain what propaganda is in your own words, but mostly by using scholarly sources.

Remember, relate the two images (the older museum item and the newer found item) from your different time periods.

For example: Heroic idealization: The Equestrian Statue of Marcus Aurelius (175 CE) vs. Statue of Lenin in Seattle (1988 CE). What is being valued in these images? What qualities are emphasized? What are these artworks trying to convey? Is the result positive, or negative?

Sample Solution