Art movement

Write my paper on the effects that the black arts movement had on contemporary art. Specifically visual art, and talk about artist like for example barkley L. hendricks , kerry james Marshall, faith ringgold, jean-michel basquiat, kehinde wiley an so on……
Research paper 8 pages. Should be double spaced, and should include endnote or footnotes , images, and a bibliography of at least ten sources , eight of which should be non internet sources (books, sholarly article).
Attach reproductions of artworks at the end of your paper. Images should be labeled fig.1, fig.2, fig.3, etc. Following the fig# should be identification of of the artwork (artist, tittle, date). The fig.# should appear in the text of your paper in parentheses the first thing you make references to that image.make sure footnotes are included

Sample Solution