Art Museums and Galleries

Locate a major ART museum in major city, anywhere in the world, using a common search engine, such as Google. Take as much time as you can to investigate what the museum offers. Look in as many rooms and at
as much art as you can. Get to know that museum well. Make it your friend. Be able to say, with confidence, that you became part of what the museum offered. Note: Not all museums are Art museums. Make sure the
one you research is an Art museum.
Explain what you liked about the art work inside the museum and show examples of that art work.
You can also show examples of “pages” in the museum that you enjoyed or thought were helpful to you.
Not everyone in your group will be going to the same museum, so the information you share about the
museum will help them decide if they want to visit it too. Try not to write about the same museum that other
people in your group have visited.
Although there should be many links included in this report,
there must be three (3) TYPES of URL links in your paper. They are:
1) There will need to be one (1) link for the Home Page of your museum so that others can go there via your
2) There will need to be several links to pages in the web site which help illustrate your tour of the museum.
The number of these pages/links will vary from person to person depending on where they went in the web
site. However, the “pages of interest” you select should help your group mates become more knowledgeable
about the museum.
3) There will need to be several links to individual works of art you personally liked. The number of these links
should reflect a considered visit to the museum and should be worthy of the time you spent on this project.

Sample Solution