Article Analysis

Write a response to the designated article or Op Ed piece on an issue relevant to child abuse and
neglect. Responses and reflections to articles should be a minimum of at least 1 page typed in length (12pt
times new roman font, double spaced, 1in margins) and a typed copy must be handed in at the start of each
The reflection should be a review of your own thoughts and ideas about the content of the article as well as
how it may impact you/ your family and the children/families you know or work with (positive or negative). Using
the idea of child abuse or neglect as the primary theme- consider if there are aspects you agree or disagree
with or would challenge in terms of implementation/logistics/longevity this is an opportunity to share your
perspective and insight. As this is an opinion piece, there are no right or wrong answers. It is the expectation to
become more aware of and start to think critically about issues related to child abuse and neglect.

Sample Solution