Article Analysis

➢ Imagine that the week’s authors are advisors on your thinking and acting in the world (like a mentor or life coach). What advice would
they offer you today?
➢ Draw a series of images (at least two simple images, or one complex image) that illustrate an important idea from the text. Write a few
(at least 3-5) sentences explaining your drawing and the ideas it is meant to convey. ➢ Find an article or blog that relates to the reading, and write a summary of the article and explain how it relates to that week’s class
reading. Be sure to provide a link to the article or blog you are referencing. Make a list of 3-5 questions that the readings provoked for you. To the best of your ability, answer at least one of the questions from
the author’s perspective, or from your own, being sure to carefully explain the reasons/argument that helped you arrive at the answer.

you may add picture, podcast link and anything like that related to the topic.

Sample Solution