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The role of Aspirin in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Authors, Sunitha V.Ittaman,MD, Jeffrey J.VanWormer,PhD,and Shereif H. Rezkella, MD Clin Med Res 2014 Dec 12 (3-4):147-154,doi:10.3121/cmr.2013.1197 My PICOT QUESTION: WHAT is the effects of daily aspirin regimen versus aspirin with a Statin in reducing recurring strokes in six months Objective is to build novice skills in discovering and evaluating research evidence for use in evidence based practice. Choose the best and most relevant quantitative research article from your data base search to support your PICOT QUESTION. Answer the following questions in APA FORMAT regarding this article. References in APA FORMAT 1. State and introduce your PICOT QUESTION including all 4 elements 2.Discuss the purpose of the research study in your article 3.What was the study design (experimental, RCT,NONEXPERIMEMENTAL, descriptive, correlational, etc)? 4. Describe the population that was studied? 5. What were the interventions in the study? 6. Was there a comparative intervention or control group? 7. Describe the outcome of findings of the study 8. How does this relate to nursing practice? 9. How does the findings support your PICOT QUESTION? 10.







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