Article Critique Instructions


Write 3 article critiques based on any of the peer-reviewed, journal articles located in the LU Library. Each critique will begin with a full APA style citation. In the body of the critique you should begin with a summary. For articles where a study takes place, you should include the study’s purpose, the sample, and the method applied. For theoretical articles provide the background for the issue being discussed. Furthermore, you will summarize significant findings (if any), and provide an explanation of how the article relates to the textbook reading as well as to the subject you have chosen. Each Article Critique must be 2 – 3 pages. Following the three critiques, include a one page (minimum) discussion of how these three articles could be of use to someone working in the field.

This assignment must follow APA format: Use Times New Roman 12 point font with 1 inch margins. The critique should be composed in a Microsoft Word document. Each critique should be exclusively written in your own words – no quotations should be used. Once the assignment is completed, submit it through SafeAssign on Blackboard. Articles should have a SafeAssign score of less than 20%, or a rewrite will be required.

Sample Solution