Article: “Fukushima: When Radiation isn’t the Real Risk”.

  1. (a) Read the posted NYT article on “Fukushima: When Radiation isn’t the Real Risk”. (b) Do a brief calculation to show how they arrive at the quoted number of expected cancers due to radiation.
    (c) Write a brief summary of the key argument the article is making which should influence decision makers in emergency situations.
    (1 page max for (b)+(c) combined.)

NOTE on part (a): Do TWO calculations using the LH formula– (1) Ve rify that a dose of 1 mSv corresponds to 0.005% extra cancer rate, and (2) From the statement in the article that 16 mSv would cause an extra 160 PEOPLE to die from cancer, derive the total population to which this was applied.

Sample Solution