Article response on Discrimination

find and read an article (newspaper, news magazine, internet article or journal) about a perceived discrimination incident or case in the United States regarding women and society, age, race & ethnicity, immigration, the LGBT population, religion, or those with disabilities. The article must be from the past year (August 2019-September 2020). Examples: Undocumented immigrants; gender equity in salaries and promotions in the workplace; age discrimination in medical or work situations, non-compliance to the ADA Act, civil rights violations, religious rights violations, etc.

The paper should be two to three pages double spaced APA format and cover all areas listed below. Be sure to properly cite your source for the article both within your paper and at the end in the reference list. MUST PROVIDE A LINK (this can be in your reference section).

Does your discrimination in American society response do the following?
Identifying information: Author, date, publication.

Article is from the last four months, addresses given topic and is attached or a link is provided. (1 point)

Short Summary of the article (no more than two paragraphs) What issue does the article address? (4 points)

Agreement/disagreement and strengths/weaknesses with the article. Be sure to note the reasons why you agree or disagree for full points. Were all sides presented? (three to four paragraphs) (6 points)

If you could make a policy to address the discrimination, what would it be? Is there a policy that addresses this issue already? (three to four paragraphs (6 points)

Sample Solution