Choose an article from a peer reviewed journal that supports topics that have been covered this class (educational psychology) that are pertinent/ interesting to you. You may use the article you reviewed for the article review assignment. Provide the citation (APA style) and a brief overview of what the article discussed. Then, describe how this article relates to the class and to you.

Question 2: should be at least 250 words
In thinking back to chapter 6 about culture and diversity, review the section on economic and social class differences. Do you believe that schools reproduce the existing class and social structure- that students from lower socioeconomic classes are not really being prepared for upward social mobility? Explain why or why not.

Question 3: should be at least 250 words
When thinking about complex cognitive processes (Chapter 9), do you believe that creativity is inborn or can it be taught? If it can be taught, how it is encouraged?




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