Article Summary

Choose one of the articles /essays found under the “Summary Assignment Readings” section of our course website (under week two of the virtual classroom) and write 10-12 sentence summary of it. Your summary should be ten to twelve sentences long (roughly three quarters of a typewritten page, double-spaced).
Read over the essay/article to make sure you understand it
Read over the source several times to make sure that you understand what the author is trying to accomplish.
Identify and research terms you do not understand.
As you are reading, highlight important sections.
Breakdown/Deconstruct the essay/article.
Identify the author’s central argument – what is she/he trying to prove?
What are the subsections that the author has used?
What examples/statistics/facts has the author used?
What is the author’s tone (ironic, angry, sarcastic)?
Reassemble these ideas into a condensed version of the essay/article.
Identify the author and title of the work you’ll be summarizing in your topic sentence.
Turn each of the points in the preceding step into complete sentences. Write in your own words. Do not provide direct quotations

Sample Solution