Artificial Intelligence

How does Artificial Intelligence benefit in the medicine field?
Population and Sample – This is a short section describing the population for your report, your sample, and
how your sample will be selected.
Variables and Measures – Describe the variables in your study. Indicate whether they are independent,
dependent, moderating, or intervening. Describe the relationship between the variables. Tell how they will be
Data Collection Methods – Tell what kind of data you need to collect and how, where, and when you will collect
the data. If you plan to use a survey or questionnaire, include a copy of that instrument in an appendix to your
report. Also, include a copy of your cover letter for your survey. If you plan to interview, tell if it would be
structured or unstructured and why. If it is a structured interview, include the questions you would ask in an
appendix to the report.
Data Analysis Methods – Describe the techniques you will use to analyze the data. Indicate why you selected
those methods and why they are appropriate. You must be specific and detailed in identifying and justifying the
processes and statistical tests you will use in the analysis of your data.

Sample Solution