Arts of the Modern World

1) Using the Barjeel Foundation website( ) , select one object from the collections, ideally which is in the A Century in Flux II exhibition on display in the Sharjah Art Museum. Alternately, you can pick an object of modern art from the collections of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.
2) Pick a second object to contrast with your primary object. This should be a similar object from the history of arts from the modern world, either from ‘Western’ modern arts of from the Arab or Asian world.
3) Describe why you chose these objects – and include the historical and cultural context of each.
4) What do we know about the artists and the artistic movements they were part of?
5) Include an annotated bibliography with at least 4 entries with two lines for each describing what type of information you have found, or expect to find in these sources.
An excellent resource for information on Modern Arab art and artists is:
Mathaf: The Arab Museum of Modern Art along with the Mathaf Encyclopedia of Modern Art and the Arab World –

Sample Solution