As I Lay Dying : Characterization of Jewel Bundren

Many critics have suggested that the journey to Jefferson is a journey of change for each of the Bundren children. Choose one of the Bundren children and closely examine how he/she changes throughout the “funeral procession” to Jefferson (if at all). Character I choose: Jewel Burden Question: • What are the character’s concerns at the beginning of the novel? • How does he/she initially react to his/her mother’s death? • How do they cope (or not cope) with the death as the journey progresses? • Does he/she have an ulterior motive for going to Jefferson? • What do we learn about his/her relationship with Addie during Addie’s narrative? • How do they react to Darl being committed to the asylum? • How have they changed, if at all, at the end of the novel?



Sample Solution