Assessing Inventory management in the company APPLE

You can Choose earlier companies ( I chose the company Apple, attached are my two prior assignments about Apple, it might help for this assignment)
• Your objective is to assess the Inventory management in the company – I assume you have had enough experience by now.

  1. Introduce your business briefly – a paragraph or two
  2. List down all different types of inventory– as discussed in the chapter. You will need to explain what type and why you believe it fits into the category
  3. Remember – “how companies use their inventory” – how does yours use them?
  4. Do an ABC Analysis of the types of inventory(from the listing in # 2) and explain why you believe the inventories fit into a particular category. You don’t need to do a quantitative analysis – as this will be difficult for you. However, you could use a spreadsheet (or a graphic) without the numbers
    • I expect 4 pages – add graphics/charts/tables to support your analysis

Sample Solution