ASSESSMENT: Human Population

Watch the Ted Talk “The Best Stats You’ve Ever Seen” by Hans Rosling.
Choose any TWO countries of the world (except the United States or Iraq); one from a “developed country” and one from a “developing country”. You can find the statistics (including the age structure diagram) easily on Index Mundi. You may use power point to create your info graphic. Your info graphic should encompass the concepts in a visually pleasing way. You can submit two files, one for each country, or one file with both countries. An example is provided for this project is provided. Remember, you cannot use the two countries in this example, nor can you copy/paste from this assignment.
For EACH of these countries, you should:
State the Birth and Death Rates per 1,000 people (recent information but does not have to be this year)
Include an age Structure Diagram AND state if the population is growing, declining, or stable AND how you can tell visually.
Explain how at least three environmental, social, or economic factors of the country are affecting birth and death rates

Sample Solution