Assessment of Suicide

For this Assignment, review this week’s resources and focus on the suicide risk factors, warning signs, and assessment procedures. Review the media Depression and Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents and Self-Injury in Children listed in this week’s resources. Consider the importance of suicide assessment in determining suicide risk in conjunction with common risk factors and warning signs.

The Assignment (3–4 pages):
Explain the standard components of child and adolescent suicide assessment.
Explain the importance of each component in assessing for suicide risk.
Describe one prevention and one intervention strategy to address one of the risk factors that you consider important when considering suicide assessments in children and adolescents. Explain the rationale for prevention and intervention strategies you selected.
Explain the ethical responsibility of school counselors in the prevention and intervention of self-harm and suicide in children and adolescents in schools.
Support your Assignment with specific references to resources, using appropriate APA format and style. You are asked to provide a reference list for all resources, including those in the resources for this course.

Sample Solution