Assessments of needs

You and your assigned classmate(s) have formed a human resource consulting company. You have been hired to provide training to the sales force for an automobile dealership. As part of your preparation for this consulting engagement, you and your team members must determine how best to approach the automobile dealership to engage the interest of the decision makers. Your part of this assignment is to propose the types of needs assessment tools that could be used to determine how to design and develop the automobile dealership’s training programs.

From the perspective of a team member, write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:
1. Prepare, in Outline form, the process your team could use to conduct the needs assessment for your client based upon the articles you selected.
. Keep in mind that you are trying to find out the organizations needs related to their sale force. Hence, you need to outline the method you are going to use to gather information and make a recommendation to management on what type of training may be required. Use this information in conjunction with your research from the week 3 discussion.
2. Identify two (2) possible impediments to this approach and discuss how you will overcome them.

3. Evaluate the feasibility of your approach to what is commonly done in the field.
Feasibility is the likelihood your process would happen in this industry. Is your process a standard practice?
4. Explain why your needs assessment is critical to the development of the training program you plan to deliver.




Sample Solution