Athletic Business

In this activity you will consider issues created by hazards common to facilities and equipment used in a sport
you would like to coach. Please develop a power point that describes the sport chosen, the type of facility and
equipment used, and at least 2 injuries that are directly related to hazardous conditions, poorly maintained
facilities, or damaged equipment–do NOT describe ill-fitting shoes, poorly-sized helmets, choosing to not use
safety equipment, etc.–these are human errors and not appropriate for this assignment. You must clearly link
the facility/equipment hazards to specific injuries common to participation in that sport. Lastly, describe how
you would address these issues (hazards) as a coach to prevent the injuries chosen. The injuries and
prevention strategies chosen must clearly relate to the physical hazards described–this connection is the entire
point of the assignment. Your PPT should also include a minimum of 3 graphics. I will be looking for the correct
use of anatomical terms when describing the injuries (don’t just write their names), a detailed look at potential
hazards chosen, and your method of preventing injuries. If you are unsure if you’ve chosen “good” hazards,
send me a message and ask.

Sample Solution