Atmospheric Systems: Hurricane

Hurricane Katrina’s flooding of New Orleans – This lab walks you through an interactive multimedia presentation concerning the effects of a
hurricane on a major cityscape. We will also look at the surrounding landscape, in terms of physical geography,
to try and understand how and why certain areas of the city were affected so differently. I went to New Orleans
recently and drove through some of the most heavily affected areas. Many of the homes and still boarded up
and businesses closed. Please follow all instructions carefully. If you have any problems, please ask a
colleague or your professor. Answer every question in complete sentences for full credit.1. Go to View the animated
interactive graphic by clicking [Start] As you go through this site, please keep in mind these questions and
answer them to the best of your ability. I promise you, the first four answers are explicitly mentioned throughout
the multimedia presentation.What section of New Orleans, specifically with the city limits (not including the
surrounding areas to the East), was first to flood, (1 sentence) (10 pts)Look at the layout of the city, the manmade structures, the natural environment and changes that man made to the environment. What caused the
city to flood here first? (5+ sentences). (20 pts)When Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, how high was the
wall of water? (1 sentence) (10 pts)How high was the storm surge on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain? (1
sentence) (10 pts)Why do you think the two values concerning water height (in the previous two questions)
concerning wall of water and storm surge are different? (3+ sentences) (5 pts)
Think about the landscape AROUND the City of New Orleans, the topography (or lack thereof), and distribution
of land cover (bodies of water versus land). Look at Google Maps, Google Earth, or an atlas in the library if you
have to.Describe the topography and landscape that is to the north of New Orleans (5+ sentences), then the
topography and landscape that is to the south of New Orleans (5+ sentences). Do NOT describe the city for
me. Again, I am not asking about the northern/southern part of the city of New Orleans. (25 pts)NOW… stop
and go back to the topography question. Did you talk about the city of New Orleans at all? Yes, then go back
and re-do the answer because I want you to discover the different landscapes that surrounds the city, so go
back and talk about the landscape around N.O. NOW… focus on the cityscape. Why do you think the flooding
occurred more in the northern part of the city versus the southern part? Compare and contrast natural features
and man-made features within and around the city limits of New Orleans that were the cause of this difference?

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