Audience Profile Memo

The Memo Should Be Written Using a Business Memo Format.
Check to write a business memo :

    In this assignment you will actually transform a set of data tables into an actionable definition of who the target
    audience is. In a sense, this exercise is where you breathe life into a set of numbers.
    Annie’s Homegrown is looking to raise awareness of their organic snacks for toddlers among health-conscious
    moms with young children. Using the attached data tables, define an audience and describe this audiences’
    tendencies. In other words, develop an audience profile from the data provided.
    Develop a Microsoft Word memo that is 3-5 pages and includes the following:

1. A statement of the campaign objective. This objective statement should be measurable and should be no

more than a sentence or two. You will have to craft a “fictional” objective based on the information provided in
the scenario you’ve chosen.

2. A statement providing a “30,000-ft.” explanation as to why this audience is a viable target. This summary

statement is best written after the audience profile has been completed (hint – come back to this part of your
writing after you’ve done your analysis).

3. An audience profile of one audience the campaign should reach. The profile should include the following:

(1) An explanation of the demographics of the audience.
(2) The approximate size of the target audience in question of the total population (e.g., This audience
represents approximately XX of the total population.)
(3) An explanation of other tendencies of the audience (e.g., psychographics, self-reported behaviors) that
could inform messaging and outreach to the audience. The profiles must include an analysis of at least three
non-demographic variables.

4. Have fun! do you want to try and “name” your audience?

The memo must include a discussion about how to reach the audience in question based on the data provided.
The profile must include percentages that compare the audience to another relevant audience available in the
data tables.
The profile must include at least 1 but no more than 3 visual aids to illustrate the target audience.
The memo should adhere to the following guidelines:
1.The memo should be written using a business memo format.
2.The memo must be organized, with section headers, and page numbers, so the reader can easily follow the
audience profile.
Be sure to write concisely.
3.You can use bullets when illustrating audience differences, but there must be paragraphs that explain who
the audiences are and what the data mean for the overall campaign.
4.You can be creative when developing visual aids, but they should be used to advance the story the memo
tells about the key audiences.
The following rubric will be used to evaluate your Memo:
Audience Profile Description
Exemplary work for full credit will provide a strong story that introduces the audience to the reader. It is easy to
see how the data led the analyst to the conclusions drawn in the memo. There are very few data analysis
errors. The memo clearly defines an audience. The memo provides a very straightforward explanation of how
to reach the audience. The audience comparisons employed make sense given the target audience selected.
Memo Components
Exemplary work for full credit will include a clear and articulate summary statement of the audience, the
objective, and effectively meet the visual aid requirement. The memo will also be clearly directed to the client.
Exemplary work for full credit will be free from spelling and grammatical errors. The memo will be appropriately
formatted and effectively translate ideas using clear and concise language and active voice.
Preferred language style  Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

Sample Solution