Autism Spectrum Disorder

Your district has an increasing enrollment of students with ASD. Currently the caseload for these students is
handled by special education teachers. Your principal has learned about your current educational studies at
GCU and would like you to develop a proposal that informs leadership about the need for an ASD intervention

An introductory summary of the growing population of students with ASD (K-12) within the district and state.
How the political landscape has shifted historically in addressing the needs of K-12 students with ASD,
affecting current evidence-based practices.
Evidence-based practices and relevant laws to advocate for programs that model professional expectations
and ethical practices to create a supportive environment intended to improve outcomes for students with ASD
and their families.
How an ASD intervention specialist position will mentor and coach special education and general education
teachers to apply knowledge of theories, supports, and services for individuals with ASD.
A staff position description for the ASD intervention specialist who will mentor and coach special education
and general education teachers on issues related to serving students with ASD. The staff position description
should be consistent with the Council for Exceptional Children Draft Advanced Special Education
Developmental Disability in Autism Specialist set of knowledge and skill standards.
Two measurable outcomes and an evaluation process to evaluate the effectiveness of the new position and
the effect of the new program.
Cite a minimum of three scholarly resources within your presentation.
Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student

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