Automobile Lamborghini international business

Identify a company you are passionate about. For instance, are you passionate about cosmetics, music, high-tech, motorcycles, haute couture, gaming, fitness, something else?

• Cannot be company we already used (e.g., Apple, Delta, Netflix)
• Or in their direct industry (e.g., Jet Blue, Dell, Amazon Prime Video)
• But, can do adjacent industries (e.g., Amazon Prime delivery, aircraft manufacturing)
• Can be a successful company (e.g., Google, Disney, Verizon, etc.)
• Can be a failed or failing company (e.g., Payless, Xerox, GoPro, Remington, Fitbit)

Building on your own research of the company, the concepts developed in the course, and your own experiences, answer the following 2 questions:

1) Identify its strengths and weaknesses
• What is its strategy and business model?
• How well do they work?
• How do the pieces fit together?

2) Identify one clear risk facing this company
• Either a current challenge or one they may face in the near future
• If you were advising this company, what advice would you give (could include shutting down)

Sample Solution