Background and History

For this assignment, design a research question for your project related to program evaluation. When
designing your question, you may also want to think about your own academic interests and what you might
want to pursue for your dissertation study. Build off of this question to complete the rest of the elements in
the Program Evaluation Worksheet. Sidenote: My dissertation topic is: : Supervisors Perceptions of How
Counselors in Training Can Work on Self-Care Through Mindfulness Meditation.
How can you combine your own interests into a research question that is program-evaluation oriented?
Examples of program-evaluation questions include:
Is there any difference in scores on the SASSI for individuals in recovery who complete a 12-week
parenting program, compared to individuals who are waitlisted for the program?
Is there any difference in SAT scores between students who complete the Lange SAT study program and
students who do not complete the Lange SAT study program?

Sample Solution