This is part of team work. You need to come up with a bad interview with a mental illness person. Please use the documents as much as you can.

Communication skills are essential to good policing. This piece of assessment focuses on communication skills, particularly in relation to the police interview.
The interview script must include both verbal and non-verbal cues from both participants and may include descriptions of what is physically happening (people’s movement or body language).
Each critique should be referenced, with a minimum of 10 scholarly sources used to support what makes the interview effective or ineffective. The same references can be used for both reflections if desired (the total number of references across the two critiques must be at least 10).
It may be easiest to examine the literature on communication and police interviewing prior to writing your scripts. From the literature you can select a few points that are important and that you can demonstrate in your script. Your readings for the subject should be your first point of call. These can (and should) be included in your references.

Write: 1 x 1000 word script of an interview with a mental illness people that is an example of bad interview practice.
Just come up a bad interview is fine.
As an individual you will also submit a 500 word reflection of your specific contribution to the group project (what part of the overall project you worked on), the contributions of others and any notes about the experience. This is a confidential piece of assessment (not seen by other group members), designed to get you reflecting on your group work experience and what you have learnt from it.
You can just come up some that I will change it don’t worry (for the reflection).
I will upload some documents that might help with the assessment. Please use that as much as you can.

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