Balanced molecular equation, total ionic and net equation

Write the balanced molecular equation, total ionic equation, and net ionic equation for the following reactions:

1. Silver nitrate and ammonium iodide.
2. Iron (lll) sulfate and sodium chloride.
3. Sodium carbonate and copper (l) chloride.
4. Calcium chloride and ammonium phosphate.
5. Lead (ll) acetate and potassium sulfate.
6. Lithium phosphate and sodium iodide
7. Sulfuric acid with sodium hydroxide
8. Hydrocyanic acid with calcium hydroxide. *NOTE: the Calcium product is soluble in water.
9. Hyposulfurous acid and sodium hydroxide.
10. Nitric acid with magnesium hydroxide.
11. Acetic acid and potassium hydroxide.
12. Sodium hydrogencarbonate and sulfuric acid
13. Lithium sulfilte and nitric acid.
14. Potassium sulfide and chloric acid.
15. Ammonium chloride and potassium hydroxide





Sample Solution