1. In what ways did the French Enlightenment era help create the study of modern
economics? Illustrate and explain all key figures and their philosophies. Are they
influences found still in the modern global economy? If so, in which ways?
David Ricardo, “Comparative Advantage,” “The Iron Law of Wages,” and “Theory of

Anne-Robert Turgot and Jean-Baptiste Say


Charles Fourier and Count Sainte-Simon


Karl Marx

William Stanley Jevons and Leon Walras

Historical Economics and the Marshallian School

East Asian Model of Developernent

Export Oriented Strategy

Rent Seeking

Structural Adjustment Programme

Efficiency Oriented Investment

Foreign Direct Investment

Horizontal Integration

Intangible Asset

Locational Advantages

Market Oriented Investment

Natural Resource Investment

Positive Externalities

Specific Asset

Vertical Integration

Calvo Doctrine

Export Processing Zone

Locational Incentives

Multilateral Agreement on Investment



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