Basics to writing

Instructions: Draft 2 should include: 1. the introduction, 2. the opposition paragraph (1st body), 3. 1st supporting point paragraph (2nd body), and 4. 2nd supporting point paragraph (3rd body). That is a total of 4 paragraphs plus your Works Cited page for this submission.
Guidelines for the first body paragraph:
Remember that the first body paragraph is going to inform the reader of your opposition’s points.

  1. Topic sentence: Make it clear that you will be explaining the other side’s points. (Use language that separates you from them. Ex: “Supporters of gun control believe” or “Those who oppose transgender people in sports argue”)
  2. Development: Provide the information about your opposition’s claims/points. (Use the sources you found that are against your position. You can also refer to the column on your issue evaluation chart. You may quote or use your own words to explain, but if you use information that you found from a source, mark it so we can cite it later.)
  3. Concluding Sentence: For the final sentence, you want to acknowledge the validity of your opposition’s points but transition to your own argument effectively. (Example: “A desire for national safety is understandable, but building a wall on the border causes too many problems to justify its construction.”)
    Be sure to follow the usual body paragraph structure for all other body paragraphs, too:
  4. Topic Sentence (indicate which supporting point you will develop)
  5. Development (include several sentences of explanation and evidence to develop and support your point)
  6. Closing Sentence (summarize your point for this paragraph)
    Remember to not be emotional, stick to what makes logical sense, and use valid evidence. Cite your sources!
    Assignment Objectives:
  7. apply essay basics to writing
  8. organize and structure an effect argument essay
  9. defend a claim with evidence and reason
  10. use unbiased language in writing
  11. use secondary sources to develop and support a claim
  12. use MLA design and documentation correctly
  13. edit writing for comma splices and fused sentences
  14. demonstrate knowledge of multiple perspectives of an issue

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