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The objective of this paper is for you to think about your desired future (Ideal-Self) and how you can make it a
reality. The paper needs to have the following three sections; the approximate number of pages expected for a
double-spaced discussion of each section is indicated in brackets following the item:
My values, philosophy, dreams, and calling [1-2 pages];
My career and life aspirations [1-2 pages]; and
My learning agenda [1 page];
In the “My values, philosophy, dreams and calling” section, describe your values, what you believe you are
called to do, and what is really important to you.
In the “My career and life aspirations” section, describe what your ideal life will look like 5 to 10 years from now.
Describe it in multiple dimensions (e.g. personal, professional, geographically). Where will you be living? What
will you be doing professionally? What does your personal/family life look like? If you are not sure but have
identified two or more desired paths, please feel free to elaborate on each one. Regarding life aspirations,
please describe your desired lifestyle, including a description of the “type of person” you want to be.
In the “My learning agenda” section, describe what you need to learn and the skills you need to master to make
your ideal life become a reality

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