Basketball History – The Last Shot

In your essay, first, discuss how successful Frey is in bringing the characters of Corey, Russell, Tchaka, and
Stephon, to life. Be sure to mention which character you thought was the most interesting to you and why. In
this section be sure to discuss the writer’s craft of Frey and how he made the people and places of Coney
Island stand out in your reading. Did he use certain descriptions, conversations, comparisons, transitions, or
other writing techniques you remember? Did his embedded perspective (spending significant time with the
young men) strengthen his writing voice and authority (or ethos)? You must quote or paraphrase at least two
passages from The Last Shot to support your point. This first section of the essay, then, has you reading
closely and deciding what Frey did well as a writer and how he did it. Shoot for around 2-3 pages here.
Transitioning from the above section, next discuss how the films we watched in class—Soul in the Hole,
Through the Fire, and He Got Game—helped your understanding of the characters and scenes of Coney
Island basketball. In other words, discuss how films helped deepen or challenge your learning and
understanding of the issues facing Russell, Corey, Tchaka, and Stephon. You may talk about Sebastian,
Booger, and Jesus here, but make sure you link back somehow to the characters in The Last Shot and give the
reader of your essay a clear understanding the value and insights of the films in understanding the themes and
characters in The Last Shot. Shoot for 2 pages for this section. You are not required to write about all three
films but do work with at least one in depth.
Finally, discuss at least two online resources from any of the nine subfolders in the “Unit 2: The Last Shot”
folder and how they help you come to a deeper or different understanding of The Last Shot and/or Coney
Island basketball culture in general. Connect your ideas in this last section of the essay with things you have
said earlier to strengthen your argument. You may also bring up new points (but make sure to keep them in line
with your thesis).

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