Behavior Explanation Assessment: Theory Application

You are going to write a paper about behavior and explain your behavior with two personality theories.
Assignment Instructions
Select one behavior of interest.
Then select two personality theories to explain that behavior.
Format the paper by:
Discussing the purpose of the paper in an introduction paragraph
A description of a specific behavior or pattern of behaviors (e.g. yelling, exercising, smoking, eating patterns,
dating patterns)
Discussing the two theoretical approaches discussed in the course to explain the behavior
Explaining why you chose those two approaches/theories
A brief description of each approach/theory
How each approach/theory could explain the purpose of the behavior
How likely the behavior is to continue based on each of the approaches/theories chosen
Connecting your spirituality to the discussed behaviors
Lastly, a conclusion to the paper
Assignment Requirements
Word Count: 1,250-1,750 words
APA format with in-text citations and a reference page
You should have a minimum of 4 references, and at least one reference should be a primary reference – an
article or book actually authored by one of the theorists whom you are discussing.
Psychodynamic view – Freud
Analytical view – Jung
Individual view – Adler
Phenomenological view – Rogers
Motivational view – Maslow
Social Psych view – Horney
Psychosocial view – Erikson
Sociological view – Fromm
Type theories – Meyers Briggs, Holland, Spranger
Trait Perspective – Allport, Cattell, Eysenck’s
Biopsychosocial – Darwin
Visit the link for valuable resources on Personality Pedagogy (opens in a new window) for use in this

Sample Solution