Behavior problems at school or at home.

Some people have argued that there is a strong positive correlation linking aggressive behavior in teens with the number of hours an adolescent spends playing violent video games and/or watching violent movies.

“Joe was a quiet twelve-year-old with no history of behavior problems at school or at home. Joe spent most of the summer indoors playing aggressive video games and had little or no contact with other students over the summer. The first day of school, Austin called Joe a geek. Joe punched Austin in the nose and pinned him down in the same fashion that his favorite hero does in his combat warrior game. Joe kept punching Austin until his nose was bloody and then the principal stopped the fight. “

Select a theorist or theory from Chapter 1 or 2 and share your view (as a developmentalist) about what Joe did to Austin and how your selected theorist would explain Joe’s behavior. Your response should include at least one citation from our textbook.

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The book is called Life-Span Human Development by Carol k. Sigelmam 9th edition

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