Behavioral Addictions

Write a paper of 3 — 5 pages, excluding the cover page and references page, addressing the question of behavioral addictions. While you can cite the text, you must use at least two external resources and reference the online Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders .

Note: you need to use and reference proper sources, such as professional journals; professional mental health or addiction associations; government health agencies; universities; or medical college web sites. Avoid referencing treatment centers and non-professional websites.

Please address the following questions in your paper:

Using external sources, research and briefly describe the symptoms of two “behavioral” also called “process addictions” mentioned in the text readings. — such as: sex addiction, internet addiction, video gaming addiction, eating addiction, or shopping addiction Provide a rationale and evidence as to why the two compulsive behavioral patterns should be considered “addiction disorders”; Provide a rationale and evidence as to why these two compulsive behavioral patterns should not be considered addiction disorders; Identify at least two other DSM 5 disorders that have similar symptoms and may also explain these compulsive behavior patterns that some call a behavioral addiction. See the chapter list below from DSM 5 about other potential disorders Briefly summarize your conclusions.

Sample Solution