Being A Team Player

Evaluate how you got to know each other as a team and established ways of working together.

Evaluate how you organised team meetings and allocated tasks. Did any issues arise and if so how did you handle them?

What do you think now about how you handled them?

Evaluate any other challenges and issues (if any) you experienced as a team. Assess your strengths and weaknesses as a team and your contribution to these.

Evaluate what you have learned about effective working in teams when the members are from different countries and/or cultures. Explain how you personally enhanced the effectiveness of your team. Reflect upon how this experience helped you to understand the role of teams in the workplace and the employ-ability skills you have acquired. What else have you learned about working in teams (particularly multi-cultural teams) and how you can personally transfer these skills to the How would you personally do things differently if you were to work with the same team(s) again?




















Sample Solution