Being Prepared for Terrorism

Question 1
Prompt: Research Second Life and set-up an account at (Links to an external site.). Explore this virtual world, and answer the following questions in your discussion post: How similar are the interactions in Second Life to interactions you have in this life? Is it possible to live a fulfilling social life entirely on Second Life? Why or why not? Describe your Second Life avatar. Was it like the way you are in real life? What were the key differences?
Requirements: 250 words minimum initial post, 100 words minimum reply

Question 2
Prompt: Being Prepared for Terrorism. Find information about what the United States is doing to prepare for terrorist attacks. Submit your response post evaluating the method you selected, and give suggestions for what else the U.S. might do to reduce potential harm from terrorists. Validate the method you chose by providing a scholarly or published source.

Sample Solution