Belly Dance

For this project you will choose a dance style from your own cultural background and assess it in the context of social, religious, and artistic practices.

Evaluate, how this dance form is related to you and your family? Is it a ritual, folk art, or classical dance form? What is the purpose of this dance form? Where are its origins? Where is it performed and by whom? Describe costumes, steps, music, space and time.

The dance style you choose does not have come exclusively from your heritage, it can also be a culture that you identify with. The only dances you can not choose to do research on are the ones covered in this course.

This project is broken up into three parts:

1.Project Proposal
2,Research Paper
3.Research Presentation
The format of the research paper:

4-5 pages: The paper should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.
Double spaced: Points will be taken off for submissions that are not double spaced.
12-font, Times Roman: Do not use a bigger or different font.
Paragraphs: Indent and organize paragraphs.
Page numbers: Pages should be numbered in the upper right corner (i.e. Rosa 1) or in the bottom center (i.e. 1).
Do not use a cover page.
No pictures: If you would like to use pictures, have them in an addendum format.
In-text citations: Each paragraph should have an in-text citation or citations depending on where you got the information. Failing to use in-text citations is committing an act of plagiarism and will invalidate your research paper. Please refer to the Academic Honesty Policy in your College Catalog (p. 9).
Works cited page in MLA format: A works-cited page is separate from the 4-5 page length of the research paper.
Minimum of 3 sources: Academic sources are accepted; they may be books, journals, websites, audiovisual or interviews with individuals whom you consider informed about the dance form or the culture you have chosen.
MLA format: The Library, or the Learning Resource Center are where you find the information needed about the MLA format.

Sample Solution