Bio-Ethics in HealthCare

First, provide any background material about PGD that you find to be informative and interesting (this portion of the paper should be no more than 2-3 pages).
Second, select two or three of the cases involving PGD from the texts and/or from outside sources. For each case, answer items (1) and (6) and at least two of the remaining items:

  1. briefly describe the facts in the case;
  2. discuss the ethical principles, issues, and/or conflicts that are presented in the case;
  3. identify any value judgments that are included in the description of the case;
  4. evaluate any ethical options or alternatives that are presented, or which may exist;
  5. provide your thoughts/recommendations on how the situation should be (or was) resolved; and
  6. discuss any similarities or differences between the cases you select from an ethical perspective.

Sample Solution