Biomedical Imaging, X-Ray Imaging System

select a technical literature (from 2015-2019) related to the Biomedical Imaging, specifically in X-Ray Imaging System. I have attached two PP files to give you an idea about my course and details about X-Ray Imaging System. You need to study the paper that you selected and a minimum of two related publications cited in the selected article, and prepare a five-page report consisting of the following parts:

• Objectives
A description of the objectives of the work reported in the paper, including concise definitions of all key principles and parameters involved, and a summary of past work reported in the article.

• Methodology
An outline of the experimental and/or theoretical methods and procedures applied.

• Results
A summary of the key findings of the paper.

• Conclusions
Your conclusions on the significance of the contributions made in the article, with reference to the background of my courses, the Biomedical Imaging.
— Discuss how the knowledge you acquired in the course(s) helped you comprehend the material
of that article, and how that article further enhanced that background.
— Discuss what was investigated thoroughly enough in that study, in your opinion, and what
could have been done better and give some suggestions for future research on that subject.

Sample Solution