Bipolar disorder: the assessment and management of bipolar disorder in adults

INTRODUCTION –approx. 1000 words.

• Give a brief overview of the topic.

• Explain why the topic is important (justification)

• State the aim (1) and the objectives of the project (max 3), e.g. a review of the surrounding literatureon… a systematic review of the primary research; a discussion of the results – linked to nursing)

• The research question- 1 question only with 1 part to it.

o e.g. How does a low carbohydrate diet impact on obesity in teenagers.

LITERATURE REVIEW – approx. 3000 words.

• This is an in depth critique and exploration of the topic and its associated issues. Look at all relevant research around the topic.

• Start with a brief background to the topic question (similar to the overview)

• Include statistics and links to higher policy DH. NICE WHO NMC etc.

• Include subsections, which highlight the key issuesand theoretical issues,surrounding the topic relating to your research question.

• It will include key pieces of research.

• It should ideally relate tonursing practice and impact.

METHODOLOGY – approx. 1000 words.

• Explain what a systematic review is and its purpose.

• Which databases have you used?

• Which search terms have you used? You can put in a table with MEsH headings.

• Detail PICO or PEO

• Explain what type of research you are looking for: such as RCTs, quantitative qualitative, mixed methods and why.

• State your inclusion and exclusion criteria- discuss why chosen – you can put into a table.

• State the number of results you have had and how these have been filtered (using your inclusion/exclusion criteria).

• This must be shown in a PRISMA FLOW DIAGRAM FORMAT.

• Explain how many articles you have filtered down to -usually 6-10, and how many patients total are involved in these studies.

RESULTS – approx. 1500 words

• Explain how/why you will critique each article (CASP etc.)

• Do a table of results to briefly explain each of the 6-10 articles.

o Authors and date /article question/number of patient//method/ results

• Then critique and analyse each of these articles,separately, link to good research practice citation e.g. no.ofparticipants, methodology, report of bias

• Conclude the section with a synopsis of these results as a whole and

• Discuss briefly how they relate to your original questions and literature review.

o Are any particular themes emerging?

o Does this answer my original question?

DISCUSSION – app 500 words

• Summarise what you have found so far.

• Make connections, themes, observations and reflections with the articles and the literature review.

• Consider what elements are missing in the research that you have reviewed so far.

LIMITATIONS of YOUR STUDY– app 300 words

• What would you do differently in you had to carry this research out again and why?

• Consider researcher bias /time/ accessibility of articles etc.


• Briefly summarise your project findings relating to your research question

o Do you have an answer- if not why not?

• Highlight your recommendations – for nursing/research/practice etc.

Sample Solution