Birth of the Virgin, 1342.

Compare and Contrast the two following works in essay format:
16th Ed. 15th Ed.
12-39 12-39 Eadwine the Scribe, The Scribe Eadwine from the
Eadwine Psalter, ca. 1160-1170.
14-15 14-15 Pietro Lorenzetti, Birth of the Virgin, 1342.
-Identify both works at the start. This establishes the comparison. Provide the name of the
artist (if known), title of the work (underlined), date, period, civilization and medium.
-Discuss the earlier of the two works first. Providing a description, discussion of the
subject matter (iconography) and purpose or function of the work. Then stylistically
analyze the work: medium, visual elements (line, shape, texture, space, color, light) and
the principles of design (balance, focal point, proportion and scale, rhythm, unity and
Close your discussion of the work with contextual reasons to explain why the work
looks the way it does. E.g., how the work is representative of its time period (history,
politics, religion, world view, society etc.).
-Then discuss the 2nd work providing the same information you did for the first work but
also noting any similarities and/or differences between the two.

Sample Solution