Black Lives Matter

Students will prepare a balanced research paper (NOT a persuasive essay or opinion paper) on a unique
political topic that includes all of the following information.
Content requirements:
Explain the topic and provide basic information regarding its origins.
Explain why the topic is important and/or controversial politically.
Thoroughly and fairly explain two opposing viewpoints regarding the topic, giving equal effort to both
Technical requirements:
Paper is completely free of spelling/grammar/syntax errors, has been edited, and is appropriately formal in
Papers must be double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, with standard 1 inch margins.
Students must use either APA or MLA citation methods, incorporating in-text or end citations and a works
cited/bibliography page. For citation examples and bibliography page examples, see the Tutoring Center
handouts in Blackboard entitled: APA Citation Guide and MLA Citation Guide.
Students must use and cite at least eight valid sources in their paper, at least three of which must be
newspaper articles (see the Helpful Websites link below) and one of which must be a physical book. Your
textbook would be an acceptable book.

Sample Solution