Black workers in America


The resources you MUST use to answer the question:(three video and two readings)

Introducing you to a sociological analysis of race and racism.
Now that you have watched the video, you probably noticed that there are many important terms that the video highlights. They are: race, ethnicity, minority, minority-majority, prejudice, stereotypes, racism, discrimination, institutional racism, pluralism, assimilation, segregation and genocide.

The above video highlights three different sociological theories as to why racism exists– functional theory, conflict theory and interactionism. (make sure you watch the video to get the ideas of answer the questions below)

The first reading is ‘Race, Ethnicity, and the American Labor Market’.
The second reading is “Equal Employment Opportunity in America”.

Once you complete the readings come back to this lecture and complete the questions for this week. Now that you have read the readings carefully, let’s start to better understand what the authors are teaching us. We can start by looking at Tables 1 and 2 in the reading–“Race, Ethnicity, and the American Labor Market: What’s at Work?” These tables provide data on employment status (Table 1) and occupational distribution (Table 2) by race and gender. Look carefully again at these tables to try to discern some of the patterns. Each question should be answered with at least 250 words.
1.Explain the 3 sociological theories that are used to understand why racism exists–functional theory, conflict theory, and interactionism. Be sure to explain each one in your own words using references from the readings.
2..Use the reading “Equal Employment Opportunity in America” and write about one of the significant changes in the labor market relative to racial segregation from 1964 to 2000’s. I don’t want you to just repeat their conclusions but instead explain them, in your own words and use the data from the tables in both readings to back up what you are saying.

Sample Solution