Blog topics

Part 1: Select a blog topic from the list provided below. Consider your own knowledge and interest in the topic. Consider your ability to craft a worthwhile blog post using the three-step process for successful blogging outlined in Chapter 8.
Blog topics
• Review a current business book
• Compare two TED Talks on the topic of business
• Provide editorial commentary on a current, debatable business issue
• Provide biographical information on an influential business leader
• Reflect on a previous business course
• Explain a business process
• Recount an engaging team building activity
• Describe a workplace conflict that ended with a positive outcome
Part 2: Develop a three-to-five-paragraph blog post based on the blog topic that you selected. Review the Writing Strategies for Social Media (seven key points) outlined in Chapter 8 to analyze your blog post. The email should adhere to the following criteria:
• Include a compelling headline.
• Provide original and well-developed content. Do not copy another authors blog post.
• Give credit to the original source when providing supporting information.
• Demonstrate an understanding of content curation by effectively sharing one useful link to an article or video.
• Provide insight into your character and associations.
• Make the purpose of your post clear to the reader.
• Proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation and content errors.
Evaluate your blog post for the use of authentic voice, correct grammar, correct spelling, complete paragraphs, a compelling headline, an introduction that catches the reader’s attention and proper word usage.
Note: You are not publishing the blog post.





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