Book/film review

Each student may choose to read a historical monograph or watch a relevant movie/film, approved by the instructor, and prepare a review of 3-4 double-spaced pages. Whichever option you pick, the paper is due in class on 30 November. Late papers will be penalized. (Possible 300 points)CONTENT Each review should include four general sections. First, what was the book orfilm about? What were the subjects or topics covered?Second, what was the thesis or the main point? What was the author/director trying to prove? What sort of evidence did she/he use to prove those points? (Quotations, statistics,anecdotes, etc.) Give some specific examples of the evidence Was it convincing? Also, ifappropriate, comment on the author’s sources. Were they mostly primary? Were they archival?Third and most importantly, put the thesis or main points of the book/film into the broader context of US history. How did this add to your understanding of important general issues such as foreign policy, race relations, or women’s rights? Does the book orfilm argue something new? To do this use properly cited specific information from The American Promise, at least.Finally, what did you dislike/like about the book or film? Would you recommend it to another student?






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