Book Review on Witches

How does Sollee organize her introduction? What does she do first? And then next? Why do this?
What is the purpose of her book, according to pp. 8-9?
What are the limits of the book, according to p. 10?
Look carefully at the chapters “Which slut are you? The medieval to the modern,” “Hillary Clinton: wicked
witch of the left,” “The iegacy of the witch.” Do they achieve her stated purpose? Do they stay within the
confines of her limitations? How? In what ways? Do you want to read more chapters in this book? Why or
why not? Based on what criteria? Based on your initial response to the book, make a recommendation for
why (or why not) a consumer should buy the book. Develop no fewer than three reasons to endorse this
book or to argue against its purchase based on her purpose and reasonable criteria and expectations,
using evidence from her chapters to support your position for each reason. Consider what a prospective
teader would want to know.

Sample Solution