Bosses Behaving Badly

First, go to and find three comic strips that illustrate something about bosses that drives you crazy or makes you think that bosses are stupid or that a boss should never do. You can search by character or by keyword (like “leadership” or “risk” or “innovation” or other buzzwords you associate with bosses). Remember that many of the comics you find will be amusing, but they may not be related to the assignment. You are searching for comics that illustrate things bosses should never do, in your opinion. Paste screenshots of your choices in this document and wrote a 300-word paragraph explaining why you chose them and what they illustrate to you about what a good boss should not do.

Second, prepare a short true story of a boss behaving badly (no more than one double-spaced page). It can be a boss that you had or you can interview someone (a friend, a parent, a classmate) who tells you a story of a boss that did something stupid, insensitive, ineffective, or ridiculous.

Sample Solution