Brand Marketing For Invicta Watch

Brand Marketing For Invicta Watch

Assignment 2

The Invicta Watch 0943-Super, which has advanced features of the initial, Invicta watch 0943 is a new release into the market. The product has unbeaten relative demand so far, with the various improvements on the previously competitively selling product. The watch is a break-through for the industry in the watch market and is estimated to sell tenfold its earlier version.

The Invicta Super has incorporated a ‘not-always-on’ feature, an improvement on the previously ‘always-on’ feature. This feature was initially based on the fact that the watch used solar energy, hence a reliable source of energy. The question that now remains is that, does one always have to be in proximity to the solar touch, what of at night, and the days that there is not sufficient solar energy? Will one not go on blackout? Well, the initial product’s assumptions were that a watch is a simple gadget that has the basic functionality of showing time, and therefore, the solar energy alone was sufficient. These assumptions do not hold for the Invicta Super, since it has very far much advanced features, besides being just a watch.

The company, therefore, first dealt with the energy issue. For maximum storage, the company has come up with rechargeable super-thin lithium-ion batteries that can store much energy for unbelievably long duration. The thin nature of the batteries helps maintain a slim feature discussed hereunder. The long storage duration has solved the problem of unreliability of solar energy, which is a natural phenomenon. The batteries can go for even up to one week without being recharged.

To help save the energy further, the watches are designed to remain in hibernation mode, which is otherwise an inactive mode, always. There is an automatic wake up, upon the detection of the user’s eye. It therefore, lights when looked at; this wake-up is instantaneous and does not take time like a boot-up. This wake-up is characterized by a super lighting feature, whereby even at night, the watch can be checked by the use of auto-detection robotics feature as already mentioned.

The watch is ultra-slim, a feature that is in line with the rapidly changing technology of today. Everything is going slim: computers, TVs, even mobile phones, so why not the wrist watches? It is designed with an ultra-slim feature, with a thickness of about 2 mm, a feature embraced by most people. This is furthered by the minimal weight of the materials that it is made of, mainly aluminium. This makes it very light with a weight of about 5 grams.

‘Slide-to body’, is a feature that helps curb the problem of having to purchase several watches of the kind in order to satisfy the need for varied colours. The customers no longer have to fill their drawers with watches that end up breaking in the therein. All they are required of is purchase the main engine that is the watch. After this, they can then buy the handles of their varied colours in which the watch is slide and securely locked. This feature allows for the fashion aware people, who would wish to match every attire they have on through and through. This, therefore, is well addressed.

The watch, not only serves the purpose of time and stopwatch and the waterproof feature, as the earlier on, but, also has added utilities. These include: the news update feature and the email alerts. The watches can also be synchronised with the phone such that the phone do not need constantly to be withdrawn from the pocket in the reception of a call withdrawn from the pocket in the reception of a call. The watch has inbuilt speakers and receiver, thus enabling, the functions of a normal phone.

The youth and vibrant generation were initially left out, as they have a bit advanced needs. To help address this issue, the watch has also been incorporated with an optional plug and play Bluetooth music player device that enhances the coverage of the wide span of users of varied ages, as well as the user demands. The young can, thus, comfortably purchase the watches knowing right that their satisfaction is assured. Not forgetting, the blind are also catered for since the watch has the speak functionality that enables audio interaction. This is pre-set and can, therefore, be accessed through the menu, done by a non-blind person.

The packaging of the watch is another added advantage. Unlike, the initially voluminous packaging, the new watch comes with a very sleek pack. With all the contents, fixed into the one box. The box is also made of waterproof silky material that ensures the safety of the product before and even after purchase. This product is, therefore, in a position to serve a wider group, both in terms of age social needs as well as the functionality.

Assignment 3

A Report on the Findings Gathered From the Survey Carried Out On the User Opinions of the Invicta Watch 0943-Super

Regarding the new product which has just been released into the market, a user feel was carried out. This was aimed at getting to know whether the changes made from the previous product have helped achieve the mission of the company.

Data collection modes

Amongst the methods of gathering information, included the following:

  • Direct interview that involved contacting of customers within the stipulated time duration. The customers were, thus, requested to leave behind their contact information.
  • Use of forms whereby the customers were given a form to fill in upon the use of the watch that were scheduled to be handed in within a period of three months upon purchase.
  • Customers were also allowed to log into our website where they could leave blogs and even make comments regarding the product, as well as suggest any possible changes and modifications that could be made to further the product even more.


A first and foremost general information that was gathered is that, the customers were generally satisfied with the new product. Very few negative comments were made regarding the product. Amongst the direct interviewees, was a twenty eight-year old lady. She expressed her sincere and utmost pleasure in the new watch. She was mostly pleased with the ‘slide’ feature of the phone, as she was a model. She said, “I love to look good through and through, which involves playing around with colours. I am specifically fascinated about the feature of changing the wrists of the watch. This graces all my occasions, as I have bought the specific wrist colours that go with virtually all my clothes.” She goes ahead to appreciate the sleek cosmetic nature of the watch, that is ‘lady-ly’.  She, as well, mentions that she does not have to purchase a mobile phone as the tablet, synchronised with the watch is sufficient for her communication purposes. “With the call reception as well as an email alert option, I do not have to keep looking at my tablet.” She finishes by expressing her great gratitude to the company for such a wonderful achievement.

Another case is of a twenty three-year old male student, who expresses how impressed he is with the watch. He mentions the music player option as having allowed him to listen to music wherever he is without having to carry a Mp3, or iPod around all the time. The large inbuilt internal memory further boosts the young man’s consummation. “Imagine listening to music via Bluetooth without having to carry around a player in my pockets! Those voluminous stuffs suck with the weight sagging the trousers from behind.” He also mentions the ability to even go swimming with the watch in place. He is so particularly mesmerised by the robotic function of the watch. “I can even protect my watch from access to someone else through the face detection security property put in place.” He exclaims further.

A man of about sixty years of age did the company a blog in our website after about five months from the day of his purchase of a watch. In his blog, he was so specific about not having to change the watch’s battery constantly. He is also so specific about the lighting property as well as the material it is made of which does not react to the human body.

In conclusion, this new product has been found out to be able to serve a very wide and varied group of people, both the young and the old, the modernised and the conservatives, and even serve the middle class customers, as well.

Assignment 4

Advertising and Marketing Communications Strategies to be Used

Twenty-second radio spot

The theme that is to be used here is the chime of clocks, which acts as the jingle. Initially, several clocks chiming produce a very loud sound. Then bit by bit, the sound goes down, until a single sound eventually remains. It continues even longer. Then comes the speaker, “All dead except the Super Invicta! And it keeps going and more, and more, and more”. This creates some memorability as well as emphasis, (Dan & Stewart, 2014).

Thirty-second television commercial

A race of time amongst animated watches is set and off they start. At the point of crossing a water tunnel, some remain. The race continues on and on, some tire on the way and collapse. Only a few get to the finish line and of course with the Invicta Super on the lead (Toader, 2011)

A full-page magazine advertisement

According to, Jeffrey, Rajagopal, and Chip (2011), minimal wording is the key to a successful magazine advertisement. Therefore, this page would be segmented into percentages with ninety percent pictures, with twenty percent animated, and only ten percent words. Thirty percent of the real pictures would be of a young man swimming with the watch on and at the same time listening to music. The remaining forty percent of real pictures will entail the actual watch, a sleek body design, the sliding functionality with the varied handles, the long lasting super lithium ion batteries. Lastly, the animation will entail something humorous to enhance the attraction of attention and memorability.

In the advertisements used above, statements are short with minimal wording, precise, does not use other product names for the competition, hence very legal. The colour codes used should be very bright to attract attention, and in case of contact given, it should be such that it is very memorable (Valentyna & Kristina, 2012). For instance, in case of a telephone number, it should be short and easy to grasp.


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